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​Zona reveal helmet rear view camera

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 22 Mar 2017

Zona reveal helmet rear view camera

Zona rear view camera

New UK firm, Zona have just revealed their new rear view camera which fits any motorcycle and helmet. The UK start-up has added that this is one of the first steps towards changing the future of how riders check their rear view, and it has been said that the camera allows rider to check their view by taking a quick glance in the helmets visor without having to turn back or check mirrors.

This works as the Zona system utilises the small camera on the back of the helmet to transmit footage to the receiver through a wireless link, and displays this on a screen fitted inside the helmet on a flexible arm. The screen can be positioned above or below the rider’s eyes, depending on preference, as long as it does not affect the view ahead.

Carl Fogarty, former World Superbike Champion, has been heavily involved in the development and testing of the Zona system, and is now supposedly an investor and shareholder of the brand as he is so impressed with the products potential and feels that the system could change the way we ride.

The Zona systems are currently available for pre-order at a reduced price of £175, instead of the usual £225, and interested buyers can expect to have the product in their hands by the end of June this year.