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Yamaha To Use AI Rider Aid

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Posted on 15 Aug 2016

Yamaha President - Hiroyuki Yanagi (ImageSource - kinibiz)

Yamaha plans to include Artificial Intelligence to develop new technologies to help increase motorcycle safety, revealed by company president Hiroyuki Yanagi at his recent press conference. The Japanese power house will be using the same system which currently allows humanoid robots to ride motorcycles. Yamaha hopes to increase their sales by using this advanced technology to help prevent motorcycle related impacts and crashes.

There is no set date for Yamaha to sell Artificial Intelligence integrated motorcycles. Yamaha would be the first motorcycle brand to implement high tech safety changes however it does require lots of time and testing. Watch this space!

Hiroyuki Yanagi - we want to facilitate driving operations of our motorcycles and reduce the burden on riders to allow them to pay more attention to safety.   We’ll use the expertise we’ve acquired from robots for our motorcycles,We’ll promote the development of technologies to make motorcycle driving easier.