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Yamaha MT-09’s changes for 2017

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 05 Dec 2016

Yamaha MT-09’s changes for 2017

Yamaha MT-09

So, before the weekend we told you that Yamaha were hosting a world press conference for the new MT-09 model for 2017 in the Spanish Island of Mallorca for some lucky journalists, who had the opportunity to test ride the motorcycle for the first time.

We also told you that after the weekend we would be able to share some new technical information with you and even just some exciting new facts. So, here they are.

Firstly, Yamaha have set the instrument panel much further forward which provides enhanced visibility and comfort for the rider, as many owners of the previous models complained about having to crouch to see the display information. Good to see Yamaha took customer feedback on board.

Next, as mentioned before, the MT-09 is much bigger and more like the MT-10 model as the new bike features a total of four LED lights for the ‘aggressive’ looking headlights which are also much brighter than ever before.

In addition, Yamaha have upgraded the front and rear suspension for 2017, making it easily adjustable with separate compression and rebound damping.

Moreover, the motorcycle has been given a brand new sub frame which means seating is around 5mm higher, again providing enhanced comfort for the rider.

The new model is now much smarter than the previous, as it now remembers the riders selected mode instead of returning back to the default mode when you switch the ignition back on.

Excitingly, the MT-09 for 2017 now offers racing inspired features such as a slip-assist clutch and an up quick shifter which provides extra smooth acceleration.