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Yamaha’s First Start - Stop Motorcycle

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Posted on 30 Aug 2016

Yamaha Janus (

The first start and stop Yamaha Scooter is due to launch this month! Alright, so the new Yamaha Janus is being launched in Vietnam, but it heralds the start of easy to use, price accessible transport for the masses, and potentially a return to the days when a bike was the most sensible and affordable mode of vehicular transport. Let'ss hope that if more models like these are rolled out abroad, the UK market will follow. More bikes on the road potentially leads to a more favorable political and legislative environment.

The three variations, Janus Single, Deluxe and Premium. All three models uses Yamaha's 'Blue Core' fuel efficient engine which makes this model an eco-friendly scooter. The idling stop feature will help riders save money on fuel and reduce emissions during journeys.

Start and stop technology is not a new feature for motorcycles as Honda released the PCX start and stop scooter back in 2011, but only to the European and Asian market. The USA model did not have start and stop technology due to how slow the regulations are on non-hybrid vehicles.

The Janus has a retro design look with a 125cc engine. Weighing roughly 214 pounds, the scooter is aimed at young riders aged in their twenties. it comes with the standard face key, front disc brake and one analog panel which has a small LCD screen. Riders are able to see their mileage information during their journeys.

One special feature about the Yamaha Janus is that the seat doubles up as a 14 litre storage which can easily fit a helmet and your personal belongings, ideal for college or commuting.

The Yamaha Janus has been exclusively made in Vietnam and for Vietnam so it will not be available anywhere else yet.