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Will roads be safer for Motorcyclists?

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 28 Dec 2016

Will roads be safer for Motorcyclists?


Highways England has plans to form a partnership with the Motorcycle Industry Association and the National Police Chief’s council in order to improve the safety of motorcyclists in the UK.

The team will look into the government white paper called ‘Realising the Motorcycle opportunity: A Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy Framework’ to ensure that motorcycles and scooters are tailored into road plans and reduce the amount of dangers on the roads for us riders.

Some of these risks are of course potholes, spilled diesel, slippery road surfaces and confusing road signs. All those involved in the partnership will work together to ensure many of these factors are taken into consideration and that the roads are made much safer for everyone, which will hopefully significantly reduce the amount of deaths and injuries from all vehicles and bring the amount as close to zero as possible by 2040.

Deputy Chief Constable for North Yorkshire Police, Tim Madgwick has commented on the partnership stating that:

‘The Police service is on the front line, dealing with the devastation that is caused to families and the greater community by road traffic collisions. The opportunity to work with both Highways England and the Motorcycle Industry Association gives us far greater scope to make our roads a safer place, not only for those who use powered two wheelers, but for all road users. In addition to the safety aspect, encouraging greater use of motorcycles will also contribute greatly to reducing congestion and therefore journey times across the country.’

In addition, Mike Wilson from Highway England highlighted the importance of the partnership by declaring that:

“Safety is our top priority and we believe no one should be harmed when travelling or working on our road network. We are committed to both reducing the number of motorcycle incidents and casualties on our roads, and to improving the experience motorcyclists have on those roads; this influential partnership with the industry and police supports that commitment.”