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​Will ConnectedRide by BMW Motorrad enhance greater safety when riding?

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Posted on 18 Nov 2016

Will ConnectedRide by BMW Motorrad enhance greater safety when riding?

BMW R nineT Urban GS

BMW Motorrad’s ConnectedRide was first introduced back in 2009 with a brand-new smartphone solution which all works towards motorcycle networking. Over the years, the automotive industry has continuously been working towards developing innovative technology to keep up to date with technological trends, which not only provide safety and security for riders, but also deliver fascinating features for system networking, incorporating the likes of smartphones and navigation systems.

So, at EICMA last week, BMW Motorrad decided it was time to familiarise the public with the new TFT instrument cluster which connects to smartphones and can be utilised with future BMW motorcycles.

In order to do this, BMW Motorrad have collaborated with Robert Bosch GmbH to advance display and networking technologies to answer to the growing demand. As BMW, have worked closely with BMW Motorrad, the same technologies that are on offer for cars are also available for motorcycles, meaning riders have the opportunity to also utilise the latest gadgets.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the TFT instrument cluster can do for motorcyclists, as well as the features available? Well, the cluster offers networking between the rider’s helmet, the motorbike and the riders smartphone and has the ability to highlight speed, RPM, navigation, phone calls and features a loud speaker, microphone and much more. This equipment is of course safe and secure as everything is accessed through a multi-controller.

Stephan Schaller, Head of BMW Motorrad has stated that:

“"Connectivity and the availability of digital services are becoming an increasingly important topic in the motorcycle world. This is why we are expanding our range of products in this area and will offer services that dramatically enhance the motorcycling experience. New apps and functions using smartphone and back-end integration will open up many new possibilities in intelligent networking and make motorcycling not only more exciting and comfortable, but also safer."

Well we’re keen to learn more.