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​What’s been happening at this year’s Southern 100?

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Posted on 14 Jul 2017

What’s been happening at this year’s Southern 100?

What’s been happening at this year’s Southern 100?

A couple of days ago, we told you that Guy Martin had pulled out of this week’s Southern 100 as both he and the team felt the Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR required further testing and investigation before being put back out on the roads. This left one man down before the practice and qualifiers even began.

Ellan Vannin Fuels Senior Race

Nevertheless, the race had to go on and it seems it’s been an excellent week for Michael Dunlop, who has been fighting hard to protect his Southern 100 title. However, it was a close call at the end of the Senior race as Dunlop managed to cross the finishing line just 0.2 seconds ahead of Dan Kneen on the seven-lap race. This was the second victory of the week for Bennett’s Suzuki after Dunlop set a new lap and race record.

Taking the last spot on the podium was BMW’s Jamie Coward ahead of James Cowton, and Ivan Lintin completing the top five.

Radcliffe Butchers 600cc Race

Michael Dunlop wasn’t so lucky in the Radcliffe 600cc race, although still managed to secure the final spot on the podium. It was Kawasaki’s Dean Harrison who secured the top position just under a second ahead of James Cowton (also from Kawasaki). Jamie Coward and Joe Thompson completed the top five, leaving Ivan Lintin, Dan Hegarty, Rob Hodson, Dean Osborne and Brendan Fargher completing the ten.

Mike Kerruish Plumbing 250/650cc Race

Ivan Lintin was successful in the six-lap lightweight category, ahead of James Cowton and Rob Hodson, who completed the podium, while Joe Thompson, Jonathan Perry, Dave Moffitt, Anthony Redmond, Brad Vicars, Paul Gartland, and Richard Charlton finalised the top ten.

Ace Hire & Sales Sidecar Race

It seems the Birchall Brothers were successful once again in the Southern 100 Sidecar race, making 2017 a pretty good year for them. John Holden and Lee Cain from LCR Honda finished in second, while Wayne Lockey and Mark Sayers from Ireson Honda completed the podium. This left Conrad Harrison and Andy Winkle in fourth and Steve Ramsden and Matty Ramsden in fifth.

Manx Gas Solo Championship Race

It was a victory for Dean Harrison on the Manx Gas Solo Race after a tough battle for the front between Dan Kneen and Michael Dunlop. In the end, Harrison cleared the finishing line 0.1 seconds ahead of Kneen, with Dunlop finishing third in the nine-lap race. Jamie Coward secured fourth place, while James Cowton completed the top five.

Island Aggregates Senior Race

Michael Dunlop secured another win in the second senior race of the week for Bennett’s Suzuki, while also managing to set another record lap time. Completing the podium was Dan Kneen and Jamie Coward.