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​Volkswagen’s Self Driving Car – Sedric

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Posted on 10 Apr 2017

Volkswagen’s Self Driving Car – Sedric

Volkswagen’s Self Driving Car – Sedric

Volkswagen Group unveiled their latest concept model at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show last month, which is a fully autonomous vehicle named Sedric. The name of the model comes from SElf DRIving Car, which is pretty smart. Well we thought so anyway.

CEO of Volkswagen Group Matthias Müller, has stated that the concept is a vehicle which they imagine future production models may look like, and is not something that is likely to be produced anytime soon, or if even at all. However, the firm have hopes that the concept will provide ideas for future models and help other manufacturers work towards creating a car that is fully autonomous and allows the driver to relax and pass control onto the on-board computer.

Volkswagen’s Self Driving Car – Sedric

As we mentioned above, the car is fully autonomous which means there is no steering wheel or pedals and the driver relies on the computer to carry out manoeuvres, parking, and getting the vehicles passengers from A to B. Unsurprisingly, the concept is electric and produces a range of 249 miles before needing charged which is rather poor, as we expected more from a concept. Although, I’m sure if the vehicle ever did make it to production, someone will have figured out a way to extend the range.

Volkswagen’s Self Driving Car – Sedric

The concept utilises a wide range of sensors, cameras, and radars to assist the car with understanding its surroundings and keeping away from obstacles. Each of these sensors provide wide angle views from all edges of the vehicle over a significant distance, making it a level 5 autonomous vehicle.

The vehicles display highlights relevant information for the passengers, including estimated time of arrival, voice control, setting destinations, choosing preferred routes, and gives the option to plan for rest stops.

Volkswagen’s Self Driving Car – Sedric

Matthias Müller has commented on the Sedric concept, stating that:

“We are convinced that fully-automated vehicles will make life in our cities better, more eco-friendly, and above all safer. Sedric is a trailblazer and idea platform for autonomous driving. Many elements and functions of this concept will reappear in vehicles from our brands in the coming years”.