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Victory Motorcycles is no more

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Posted on 10 Jan 2017

Victory Motorcycles is no more

Victory Motorcycles

Polaris Industries have just revealed that they will be ‘winding down’ the Victory Motorcycles brand after 18 years. However, Polaris have said that they will continue to provide parts, as well as offering services and warranty coverage for all Victory Motorcycle owners and dealers for a period of 10 years.

Victory Motorcycles who are part of Polaris Industries Inc, along with Indian Motorcycles could not establish the market share they required in order to be profitable and successful, which has proven challenging for the brand. This is due to the brand being faced with many strong competitors and industry pressures. In order to launch new platforms and carry out research and development, Victory Motorcycles had to find significant investments which are not currently available, due to strong potential from Indian Motorcycles, which Polaris would prefer to focus their time and energy on.

CEO of Polaris Industries Inc. Scott Wine has commented on the recent events, by stating that:

“This was an incredibly difficult decision for me, my team and the Polaris Board of Directors. Over the past 18 years, we have invested not only resources, but our hearts and souls, into forging the Victory Motorcycles brand, and we are exceptionally proud of what our team has accomplished. Since inception, our teams have designed and produced nearly 60 Victory models that have been honored with 25 of the industry’s top awards. The experience, knowledge, infrastructure and capability we’ve built in those 18 years gave us the confidence to acquire and develop the Indian Motorcycle brand, so I would like to express my gratitude to everyone associated with Victory Motorcycles and celebrate your many contributions”.

“This decision will improve the profitability of Polaris and our global motorcycle business, and will materially improve our competitive stance in the industry. Our focus is on profitable growth, and in an environment of finite resources, this move allows us to optimize and align our resources behind both our premium, high performing Indian Motorcycle brand and our innovative Slingshot brand, enhancing our focus on accelerating the success of those brands. Ultimately this decision will propel the industry-leading product innovation that is core to our strategy while fostering long-term growth and increased shareholder value”.