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​Triumph’s extraordinary new Tiger 800 Ice bike

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 24 Nov 2016

Triumph’s extraordinary new Tiger 800 Ice bike

Triumph Tiger 800 Ice Bike

Motorcycle Live has been fantastic so far for Triumph, especially because they have unveiled five new custom motorcycles. However, the one that’s catching almost everyone’s attention is the Tiger 800 Ice Bike.

Now this bike really differs from pretty much anything we’ve ever seen before (in the UK anyway), as the front wheel has been replaced with a brand new totally functional ski that has been implemented utilising the front suspension. The motorcycle designers also reworked the front mud guard, whilst shortening the rear one as well as adding a great number of studs to the rear wheel.

In addition, numerous new features have been made available including a side exit exhaust, quality billet parts, a navigation system holder, headlamp protector and emergency rescue tools with an ice axe holder.

Of course, this bike was made to tackle pretty serious conditions and we hope that we’d never actually need to use it in the UK. Nevertheless, it’s great to look at.