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Top tips for safe winter riding

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 30 Dec 2016

Top tips for safe winter riding

Motorcycle in snow

If you have plans to ride your motorcycle this Winter, especially in the snow, make sure you you’re well prepared by acknowledging some tips for facing that cold weather.

Layer Up

There is nothing worse than being outside when you are not prepared for it, particularly when it’s cold, windy, rainy, or even snowy. Make sure you have plenty of thermal layers on, as well as keeping your neck covered to prevent a cold icy wind reaching your back. It’s not nice, trust us! Oh, also make sure your hands are kept warm with some thick gloves. It won’t be very easy to ride when you can’t feel your hands.

Keep Warm

Frequent stops to move around and heat yourself up will help. If you don’t have very much time to stop, slightly moving one limb at the time whilst riding will help keep you warm, even if it is only a little bit. Make use of the heat coming from the engine of your bike by placing your hands close to heat them up. Don’t touch the engine though!

Keep Distance

Driving when it is icy, no matter what vehicle, can be extremely dangerous. To avoid accidents, ensure you keep a greater distance than normal from other vehicles as the ice will increase stopping distance. Moreover, snow can lie above black ice or slippery surfaces which might not be noticeable at first so be prepared.

Take your time

Even if you are running late or in a rush, take your time. The slower you ride, the less likely you are to end up in an accident.

Concentrate on Braking

Make sure you focus on braking much lighter than normal, as well as braking earlier than normal to avoid a nasty crash or skidding. You should brake much sooner when approaching corners and junctions.