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Suzuki SV650 Scrambler

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 12 Dec 2016

Suzuki’s SV650 Scrambler

Suzuki SV650 Scrambler

Now this one’s a real beauty!

Introducing the Suzuki SV650 Scrambler, one of Suzuki’s first takes on classic styling. The new motorcycle carries front short alloy mudguards, fly shield, brown ribbed leather seat, wind blast protection visor and headlight protector, which all add to the retro look.

On the other hand, we did forget to mention that unfortunately this bike is not available to purchase in the UK, and we’re not sure whether or not it ever will be. As far as we are aware, the scrambler is only for sale in France at the moment, at the price of around 7,999 Euros.

You might be wondering why we’ve chosen to share this information with you when the bike isn’t available for us to purchase? Well, we just really liked the bike and we can only hope that the Scrambler will eventually be available in the UK.

The new motorcycle features a wide range of new accessories to help it stand out from the base model. Some of these extra accessories include bigger foot pegs, wider LSL handlebars and Dunlop Mutant tyres which ensure the bike is proficient off-road.

Moreover, the Scrambler features a 645-cc, liquid -cooled twin engine with a six speed gearbox and produces around 76 hp at 8,500 rpm. Additionally, the suspension, exhaust and braking are all the same as the base model.