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Suzuki showcase another GSX-R bike at Intermot; GSX-R125

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 07 Oct 2016

Suzuki showcase another GSX-R bike at Intermot; GSX-R125

Suzuki have introduced another bike into the GSX-R sports bike family, which is better known as the GSX-R125, becoming one of the top performing motorcycles in its class. The GSX-R125 has a single cylinder, Double Over Head Cam with 125cc power plant, with an exceptional weight to power ratio, creating high performance when on the road or track.

What’s even more impressive, is that the Suzuki utilises a one touch, key less ignition system that routinely starts the engine with one touch of the starter button and stabilises the engine when faced with cold temperatures. In addition, the motorcycles bodywork is designed to minimise drag, enhance speed and also features an LED headlight and an LCD display with many functions.

We’d say it’s a great edition to the GSX-R family.