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Should we be excited about Google's self-driving cars?

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 17 Oct 2016

Should we be excited about Google’s self driving cars?

Google have come up with prototype vehicles which are self-driving and allow the user to get to where they need to be with a simple push of a button. These intriguing new models are designed to suit anyone, regardless of their capability to drive and are particularly influential for those who are visually impaired or not able to get about on their own.

Google argue that the self-drive vehicle will reduce the number of road traffic accidents whilst stating that around 94% of accidents are at fault of human error.

So how do the self-driving cars work, you might ask? Well, Google claim that the vehicles utilise sensors that which can perceive the size, movement and form of pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles and objects from around two football fields away which allow the self-driving vehicles to safely navigate around these objects.

Due to these special sensors as well as GPS, the vehicle is able to determine its whereabouts regarding exactly which street and lane it is in. The vehicles feature cameras and lasers as part of the sensors which assist in detecting the movement of objects. In addition, the car is operated by an electric battery, fitted with a computer to allow self-driving and comes with a back-up system for the computer, navigation and braking.

You may assume that self-driving cars are only a recent project. However, Google have been working on the vehicles since 2009 and have self-driven over 1.5 million miles on the streets and mountains of California, Texas and Arizona.(Whaaat?)

Although these self-driving vehicles may in fact be something to remain excited about, we certainly are sceptical when it comes to how safe these vehicles may be and whether or not they do provide effective navigation. Nevertheless, some argue that the self-driving vehicle could enhance motorcycle sales and encourage more riders to get out there and explore as many are put off with worries about safety and security.

Should we be excited?

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