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Sena produce 'Headset App' for Motorcyclists

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 13 Jan 2017

Sena produce 'Headset App' for Motorcyclists

Sena Headset App

If you are a fan of Sena’s Bluetooth equipment, then you’ll love this!

Sena have just recently introduced the ‘Sena headset app’ which is available on iPhone and Android, and has been created to allow its users to adjust the headset’s settings, and organise riding groups when paired with your smartphone.

The new RideConnected app allows motorcyclists to have full control over all device functions when riding. It has been said that the new equipment utilises your smartphones Wi-Fi connection to keep in touch with fellow riders, up to 8 at a time to be exact, as long as they are within 1.2 miles away.

Sena have revealed that the new RideConnected app is compatible with the 20S, 10C, 10R and 10U series Bluetooth products and has a whole lot of excellent features, including; group intercom, the ability to set up speed dial, listen to music – including changing tracks, and preset 10FM radio stations.

Not a bad addition to the Sena collection. We’re in!