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​Segoni Special G800 Gold

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 07 Mar 2017

Segoni Special G800 Gold

Segoni Special

This is Segoni Special’s G800 Oro. Now, this bike is nothing like we have ever seen before, as it carries a variety of first class components and materials including the 24-carat gold plated steel frame, which we think is absolutely stunning.

Segoni Special G800 Oro

The Segoni Special utilises a Kawasaki Z800 engine which produces a maximum power of 113 hp to 10,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 83.0 Nm at 8,000 rpm. As we mentioned above, the model uses first class components such as carbon fibre monococque fairings, full LED front and rear lighting, an AIM liquid crystals speedometer, and a hand stitched saddle which uses western bull leather.

Segoni Special G800 Oro

Moreover, the rear suspension is completely customisable to suit the users driving style and the motorcycle gains Bremo M4 brakes for the highest level of performance and safety.

It has been said that this amazing machine is set to cost interested buyers a whopping £60,000 for the standard model, and those who wish to purchase the top-spec version will have to fork out £69,600. However, only 20 of the top-spec versions are being produced so you better be quick. Of course, each bike is made to order, and those of you who purchase one of these machines can expect to wait around three months before you can get your hands on it.