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Ride an electric BMW C Evolution in Berlin

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Posted on 14 Aug 2017

Ride an electric BMW C Evolution in Berlin

Ride an electric BMW C Evolution in Berlin

Great News for lovers of motorcycles and travelling!

Those of you who enjoy riding (which I’m sure you do if you’re on our website) as well as travelling, will now have the opportunity to ride an electric BMW C Evolution as part of a guided tour package in Berlin.

The maxi scooters are now being utilised as part of a tour which explores the city of Berlin and/or a tour of the Hartz region. Those wishing to take part will be accompanied by a tour guide who will take you through the beautiful city of Berlin, pointing out all of the main attractions while you follow behind on your scooter.

In addition to the city tour, you can opt to join a tour of the Hartz mountains on a half-day excursion, although you may want to be a little more experienced to take part in this one as you will of course be further outside of the city.

In order to take part in the Berlin city and Hartz region tour, it is essential that you carry a full and valid motorcycle licence. The price of the city tour is €49, while the Hartz mountain tour is a little more pricey at €99.

You can find out more information on the Berlin tours at: