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REV’ITS 2017 Spring/Summer collection

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 28 Nov 2016

REV’ITS 2017 Spring/Summer Urban collection

REVIT Urban Collection 2017 Ministry of Bikes

So, we’ve known about the new 2017 range for what feels like years. However, the time has come when we can finally share some items from the new Spring/Summer collection for 2017. Yessss!

Now, REV’IT is always one to impress when it comes to new products and they have definitely outdone themselves this year. A few weeks back we got a hold of some of their stunning new products and thought we would carry out our own photo shoot featuring some of our favourites.

There were so many amazing products to choose from, but we knew we couldn’t possibly select them all so we chose the ones we thought you would love most.

Naples Jacket

REVIT Naples Jacket Ministry of Bikes

REV’IT wanted to ensure that style was a huge factor when creating the Naples Jacket, whilst also incorporating plenty of shoulder, elbow and optional back protection, making the leather jacket suitable for riding. The asymmetrical front pocket provides a modern feel. However, when placed with the rest of the design it captures a more timeless styling. When we first got a hold of the jacket we needed to have a good feel of the soft leather as from looking at the jacket, you wouldn't know it carried protection, it just looks like a stylish leather jacket. Both the arms and body are tailored and features a detachable thermal liner which is perfect for the cold winters, meaning you can wear it all year round. Could we ask for more?

Bison Over Shirt

REVIT Bison Overshirt

REVIT Bison Overshirt

The checkered shirt was one of our favourites when we first set our eyes on it. Again, it’s big on style and something which you could definitely get away with wearing every day and not just for riding. We’ve picked out some of our favourite features that the jacket has to offer which include the fact that its waterproof as REVIT have incorporated a Hydratex membrane, keeping you dry in the horrible UK weather. Additionally, we love the laminated reflection at the centre back of the over shirt so that you can be easily recognised by other drivers, as well as the closable ventilation panel which keeps the heat out on warmer days.

Hudson Over shirt

Hudson Overshirt REVIT

We particularly loved this shirt because it is something you can rarely find for riding which also incorporates the best protection. SEESMART CE Level 1 limb protectors and the optional SEESOFT CE Level 2 back inserts to be exact. Moreover, the Hudson shirt can be connected to REVIT jeans using the short connection zipper and safety belt, keeping the cold air out. Similarly to the Naples Jacket, you wouldn't guess that this shirt was for motorcycling as the protection is well covered and again catagorises with today's trends.

Westport Over shirt

Westport Overshirt REVIT

The Westport Over shirt is a mix between a shirt and a jacket as it is styled like a shirt but is quilted like a jacket. Of course, like all motorcycle wear, the over shirt carries sufficient shoulder, elbow and back protection and features a laminated reflection at the centre back for visibility. Furthermore, the Westport Over shirt is extra comfortable for riding due to the mechanical stretch of the materials utilised and the stitching on the back sleeves. We're a fan of this one.

Sand Urban Jacket

Sand Urban Jacket

Finally, we though that many of you who prefer adventure/urban riding may like REVIT's new Sand Urban Jacket as it is styled towards the classic shooting jackets which were utilised in the early motorcycling days. Again, the jacket provides perfect protection for riding and can be used all year round due to its detachable waterproof hydratex membrane thermal liner. The Sand Urban can be attached to any of REVIT's trousers by the short connection zipper and reflection is provided at the upper arms and back.

REVIT Urban Collection 2017

REVIT will be making these products available to purchase in Spring 2017 so keep an eye on the following link if you're looking to pre-order: REVIT Urban Collection