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Prices leaked for Honda Fireblade

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 19 Jan 2017

Prices leaked for Honda Fireblade

Honda Fireblade

It seems as though a couple of Honda dealers have accidentally leaked the prices of the new 2017 Fireblades. Oops.

For those interested in purchasing one of the Fireblades, you better be prepared to empty your wallet. Especially, if you’re considering acquiring an SP2.

Honda will be pricing the standard Fireblade at £15,225, which you should have in your hands by early March, while the Fireblade SP is expected to cost £19,125. Now, unfortunately, Honda have yet to confirm a price for the SP2 as delivery is not expected until some point early summer. However, if prices leaked by US dealers are accurate, you can expect to pay around £22,000. It is also unclear whether or not any finance options will be available for the SP and SP2.