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Paul Hodgeson New Speed Records

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Posted on 30 Aug 2016

Paul Hodgson Customising His Motorcycle In His Basement (Image Source: BBC)

Guy Martin has got competition! He is not the only one who wants to break Bonneville records.

Paul Hodgson set four records last week in his custom Yamaha FZR600. The four races were based on land speed, fuel-type, frame classification and streamlining of the motorcycle.

Hodgson's fastest speed was recorded at 181 mph (291 kmh).

“I’m very tired, but happy and content” said Paul.

This wasn’t his first time being involved in a world record. He contributed his skills and helped an Isle of Man team beat a 33 year old record in 2012. This time he was on his own and was in charge of electronics, design and the engineering on the Yamaha.

His first solo attempt to break the world speed was scheduled last year. However weather conditions damaged his mission which ended up getting postponed. Hodgson had to temporarily leave his modified Yamaha in the USA and was unable to make any additional modifications to it.

“It was a little frustrating having a bike sitting in the USA for so long without being able to improve it.I have many new ideas and probably would have changed a number of things if the bike had been on the same continent as me.”