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Nolan and Sony collaborate to present the N-Com ARX project

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 14 Nov 2016

Nolan and Sony collaborate to present the N-Com ARX project

This weekend saw an exciting new collaboration which was presented at EICMA by Nolan and Sony.

Nolan Group and Sony have teamed up to create a prototype helmet which provides an exciting new experience for motorcyclists built on augmented reality. The project meant that visitors at EICMA could personally test out the impressive new innovative technology by getting on a bike and putting on the helmet which is fitted with N-Com ARX for a brand new riding experience. Each test took around 10 minutes to complete.

The prototype helmet was established especially for N-Com ARX and integrates Sony’s holographic waveguide technology in optical module form. The thrilling new creation utilises light produced in the optical engine and previews a virtual image through the holographic optical elements in the helmet to the user’s eyes.

The N-Com communication system which is integrated with Sony’s optical module supplies complete safety and security for the rider as well as enhancing comfort. In addition, the new technology is hoped to be a development of part of an exciting future for the N-Com brand. However, these products cannot be produced immediately due to the company wanting to ensure 100% safety before introducing them to the public.

Well we must say we’re looking forward to these exciting new helmets being introduced in the UK and we hope that we don’t need to wait too long.