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NextEV launches new NIO EP9

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 22 Nov 2016

NextEV launches new NIO EP9


NextEV who are a Chinese electric car manufacturer have created a sub-brand; NIO who have planned to launch their first electric hyper car called the EP9.

The innovative model has extraordinary performance levels due to featuring one motor per wheel and four separate gearboxes resulting in a power train of 777 volts. In fact, this is comparable to an astonishing 1,341 bhp.

Want to hear something even more impressive? The car can reach 200 kph in just 7.1 seconds and has a maximum speed of 194 mph. This machine really was made to ‘push the limits’ as it highlights the extreme possibilities electric vehicles can provide.

Now, many of you may have been put off purchasing an electric car due to the thought of long charging time. However, this beauty only takes 45 minutes to reach full charge. Not bad, right?


Moreover, last month the EP9 accomplished the 20.8 km circuit at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in just seven minutes and five seconds which trumped the Toyota TMG EV P002.

Additionally, the weight of the car has been significantly reduced due to a large amount of carbon fibre being utilised within the vehicle, such as the cockpit, chassis, and seating. Nevertheless, the new electric vehicle remains heavier than a McLaren P1 and a LA Ferrari by around 200 kg.

Furthermore, the EP9 features four screen displays which provide a variety of interesting information for the driver, a rectangular Formula 1 style wheel, two seats and four-wheel drive, which truly enhances the attractiveness of this beauty.