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The new Yamaha X-Max 300 Scooter

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 19 Oct 2016

The New Yamaha X-Max 300 Scooter

The new Yamaha X-Max 300 Scooter was designed to incorporate motorcycle style features such as the high wheels, forks and sports-like MAX DNA bodywork which work towards enhancing the riders everyday commute, making riding much more comfortable and enjoyable.

The scooter features a generous level of under seat storage including internal LED lighting, with the ability to hold 2 full face helmets, perfect for carrying small luggage for a weekend getaway.

As the scooter can be utilised for fast commuting it is essential that the bike features a Traction Control System to provide safety on slippery surfaces in order to support the powerful single-cylinder 300 cc engine. The thing that is particularly great about this engine is that it utilises Blue Core technology which uses less fuel but still provides ultimate power. What more could we ask for right?

The bike features both front and rear LED lights to provide a better view on the road and make you more recognisable to other vehicles. In addition, the scooter operates a keyless ignition system, which means the user must be carrying the smart key to unlock the steering, seat and to access to the fuel tank and storage. Moreover, the bike features a 12v outlet meaning you can power a GPS system or charge your phone whilst on the move.

We don’t know about you, but this scooter seems like a great addition to the Yamaha family and we can’t wait to see more of it in action.

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