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The new Yamaha MT-09 'Eyes of Darkness'

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 28 Oct 2016

The Yamaha MT-09 'Eyes of Darkness'

The Yamaha MT-09 Eyes of Darkness is another addition to the brands ‘The Dark Side of Japan’ range. This technologically advanced hyper naked was designed to differ to all other bikes of its kind, with a much sharper image.

The theme ‘Eyes of Darkness’ revolve around the twin-eye LED face of the bike, which provide a harsh, aggressive look. However, this makes the bike more intriguing and desirable.

The new bike carries an 847 cc, 3-cylinder engine enhancing power to its maximum capacity. Additionally, riders can make the best use of the bikes torque with the YZF-R1 Quick Shift System (QSS) which provides faster and smoother uplifts.

Moreover, the motorcycle’s swing arm features a brand-new style, incorporating a license plate holder along with an LCD rear light to finish off the tail. The MT-09 features the best electronic control technology which allows the user to select alternative riding situations best suited to the road surface they are travelling on. Furthermore, Traction control and ABS provides the rider with increased control when riding in harsher conditions providing greater safety and security.