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​New motorcycle manufacturer Spirit Motorcycles launch with four bikes

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Posted on 28 Nov 2016

New motorcycle manufacturer Spirit Motorcycles launch with four bikes

Spirit Motorcycles

Spirit Motorcycles are a brand-new manufacturer who have launched with four brand new models; the GP Sport, GP Sport R, GP Street, and GP Street R. The brand is said to be set to produce just 50 of each model. Excitingly, Spirit are set to enter the Sport model in the British Super Sport next year.

Both the GP Sport and Street carry a Trellis frame which is brazed together allowing a slight bend meaning it can be easily replaced if damage occurs. In addition, the bikes swing arm was produced in aluminium, made to fit to MotoGP specifications, and the motorcycles sub-frame, bodywork and wheels are all carbon fibre. What’s particularly great is that many of the materials are fully adjustable, including the tail, rake, wheelbase, head angle and swing arm, which Spirit are happy to fix to adhere to personal requirements.

Moreover, the new models feature a 750-cc triple engine which has been developed from Triumph’s 675, producing 156 bhp at 14,200 rpm and an astonishing 180 bhp on the GP Sport R and Street R. On the other hand, the majority of the engine has been completely changed, leaving only the cases left from Triumph.

Spirit Motorcycles

Now, the GP Street and Sport are amazing, yet the R models offer a greater electronics package in addition to the more powerful engine as they utilise a Motec M130 ECU. So, what does that mean? Well it means the bikes use a variety of sensors such as engine parameter sensors, adjustable anti-wheelie and traction control, throttle position, brake pressure, and much more.

Oh! Did we mention 4G.

Both the Sport R and Street R continuously transmit on a Vodafone 4G sim ensuring they stay connected to the cloud, which tracks data and sends it to Spirit allowing specific changes to be made through 4G. Cool right?

The very first production models of each bike are to be completed within the next few weeks so that testing can be carried out in January, with the hope that full production can be carried out not long after.

Now, prices might be a bit of a shock. You can expect to spend around £44,999 for the GP Sport and GP Street, while the Sport R is £64,999 and the Street R £69,999. Oh, and that’s not including any extras you might fancy.