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MV Agusta to display two specials at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 18 Jan 2017

MV Agusta to display two specials at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona

MV Agusta Ballistic Trident

This weekend marks the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy, where many of your favourite brands will be highlighting some of their newest bikes and products. Well, this is also the case for MV Agusta, as the firm have announced that they will be displaying two special motorcycles, which are both derivatives of the Brutale.

Brutale 800 RR Ballistic Trident

MV Agusta Ballistic Trident

The Motor Bike Expo will not be the first time MV Agusta have displayed the Brutale 800 RR Ballistic Trident. In fact, this special custom edition was on show at the Hot Rod Custom Show last December and received worldwide acclaim, so the firm thought many would be happy to see its return. The Ballistic Trident, which was put together by Rough Crafts and features a half dustbin fairing, Öhlins FGR forks and TTX shock. They have decided to keep the paint scheme relatively straight forward with black on black, but we love it and it definitely suits the name.

Dragster Blackout

MV Agusta Dragster Blackout

The Blackout was created by Varese Factory, Valter Moto Components and Tecnoart Sersan who wanted to produce a ‘techno café racer’. The creators decided to utilise the base of the MV Agusta Dragster to do this and included new handlebars, front LED illumination, foot-pegs, number plate hangers, a low mounted dashboard, and many other exciting new features. Similarly, this bike has been seen before in a sneak preview at EICMA back in November. Nevertheless, it would be great to see it again.