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The Midnight Runner from Energica

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 30 Jan 2017

The Midnight Runner from Energica

midnight runner

Italian electric motorcycle firm, Energica, have teamed up with Apache Custom Motorcycles to create ‘The Midnight Runner’, which is a customised Eva. It has been said that styling inspiration for the Midnight Runner was taken from the 1970’s Grand Prix racers.

We aren’t really sure how we feel about this customised design. The fairing is very different, and not really something we would normally go for. However, the fact that it is unusual attracts attention and makes the bike unique. I mean, who wouldn’t want an exclusive design, right? Also, the designers must have really had some patience, as other reports have stated that the fairings took over 280 hours of work as they were made from scratch.Crazy!

We must say, we are a fan of the bodywork. On the other hand, not so much the front headlights, which were taken from an old rally car. Considering the bike has been customised, we thought there would maybe be some more additional features, including some cool mirrors and fancy displays. It got us talking anyway, which I’m sure was the main goal.