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​Meet the Piaggio Gita

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Posted on 10 Feb 2017

Meet the Piaggio Gita

Piaggio Fast Forward Gita

I bet when you first seen this post you were expecting a new scooter, or perhaps an exciting new motorcycle. Well, you were wrong. Piaggio just recently introduced Gita, which is a light weight ‘vehicle’, (more like a storage carrier), that holds up to 40 lbs by following its owner or moving autonomously through streets in which it has already travelled.

It has been said that Gita will be perfect for those who may struggle to carry heavy items. Gita utilises a 360° camera to put together a 3D map of its surroundings, and has the ability to detect obstacles so it can move independently.

Moreover, Gita features a secure lock at the front which is placed next to the camera to identify its owner and uses sound, light and a touch screen to stay connected. Furthermore, Gita can travel up to 22 mph, using wheels similar to those on a bicycle, on a battery that lasts around 8 hours before needing charged.

That’s not all. At Piaggio Fast Forwards launch event, the developers also introduced Kilo, which is Gita's older brother and has the ability to carry up to 250 lbs and is significantly larger.

Piaggio Fast Forward Kilo

Well, we can’t wait to see what Piaggio come up with next.

Piaggio Fast Forward Gita

Piaggio Fast Forward Gita

Piaggio Fast Forward Gita

Piaggio Fast Forward Gita