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Marquez wins the 2016 Superprestigio

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Posted on 20 Dec 2016

Marquez wins the 2016 Superprestigio

Marc Marquez wins Superpresitgio

Marc Marquez was triumphant at the weekends Superprestigio final in Barcelona, where he remained ahead of Brad Baker and Toni Elias for the first time. Many riders had an awful race with numerous crashing out early on, including Ricky Cardus and Francessco Cecchini who is a World Flat Track Champion. Moreover, unfortunately for World Supermoto Champion Thomas Chareyre, the race was cut short, after crashing whilst attempting to pass Baker who initially struggled to remain in front.

Surprisingly, Marquez won the final four heats, after being unsure whether or not he could keep ahead of Baker after his win at last years’ competition. However, due to Marc’s mistake last year at the first corner, he knew he had to be more cautious, unlike some of the other riders, and managed to push ahead from the final bend of the first lap.

For most, the biggest surprise came from Elias who followed just 0.7 seconds behind Marquez, taking second place, which left Baker in third position, 4.5 seconds behind Marc.

Both Marquez and Baker now tie as they each have two wins apiece, which means next year’s competition is something to look forward to.

Marquez commented on his win, stating that:

“I’m really happy because last year I was really close to victory and this year I got it”.

“One of the surprises, like I said yesterday, was the level. The level of this race was really, really, high. Another thing was all the people were really excited and very aggressive in the front corner”.

“There were many crashes so every year it’s coming more and more dangerous but it’s something that we need to manage. In the end the most important thing is all the people are happy with the final result”.