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Knox presents Micro-Lock technology at Motorcycle Live

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Posted on 25 Nov 2016

Knox presents Micro-Lock technology at Motorcycle Live

Knox Glove

It’s down to the last few days now to get yourself to Motorcycle Live to catch a glimpse of all the new 2017 motorcycles, clothing, helmets and much more. We’ve already told you about many of the exciting stands displaying new products to share with you, but we’ve yet to tell you about one of the best (Well we think so anyway).

Knox are utilising Motorcycle Live to showcase one of their biggest and best innovations; Micro-Lock. The brand has recognised that even though there is plenty of armour already available in many different forms, there is always room for enhancements and that’s exactly what Knox have done.

The companies aim was to produce armour that would be extremely protective, stable, and super soft, that would carry the ability to cope in various climates and environments.

After carrying out testing on other products and materials, it was found that many were sensitive to both tremendously hot or freezing cold temperatures and this is said to affect the performance and life span of the protective armour. In order to prevent this from happening, Knox use a variety of materials to ensure the protector remains softer in the cold weather and enhance stability in all other temperatures.

Nevertheless, the technology Knox utilised for Micro-Lock is SMART and features materials which ensure the armour remains super soft and comfortable, however, locks when impacted keeping the rider safe and protected. Using one of these protectors is likely to reduce injuries to limbs, as the locking action increases the impact absorbed by the protector.

Knox are able to provide the perfect protection for any motorcycle garment as the smart technology connected with the softness of the protectors allow producers to make the protectors available in any shape and size.

The Micro-Lock protectors will be available from Spring 2017.