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​Kawasaki’s A.I for Motorcycles

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 23 Dec 2016

Kawasaki’s A.I for Motorcycles

Kawasaki Artificial Intelligence System

It was revealed a few months back that Kawasaki were carrying out an Artificial Intelligence (AI) project to develop the technology for assisting motorcycles.

At the time, very little information was provided about the project. However, Kawasaki must feel confident enough about the work they have carried out so far, as they have decided it was time to release a demo video, which explains how they see the Artificial Intelligence system working with Motorcycles, and how it can greatly improve the way we currently ride.

Although the video makes sense, we don’t know how successful the creation would actually be in real life and whether or not it could potentially be more dangerous.

The main thing is though, at least we know that Kawasaki are keen to enhance riding technology, in the hope that in years to come riding will be much safer, simpler and more fun. If that is even possible. As biking technology is significantly improving, and machines are becoming smarter, we can’t wait to see what the final output will bring.