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Introducing Triumph's new Street Scrambler

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 10 Nov 2016

Introducing Triumph’s new Street Scrambler

Triumph Street Scrambler

Triumph’s brand new Street Scrambler is based on the stunning Street Twin model, which was released this year, and although we love the styling of the Twin, we’re even more impressed by the enhanced look and details of the Street Scrambler.

The Street Scrambler really is “better in every way”, with a brand-new chassis providing longer rear shocks, broader handlebars and a stumpy seat which boost the riding position and control.

We’d like to point out that the Street Scrambler features the same 900-cc high torque engine as the Street Twin, offering 54 bhp and weighing a total of 198 kg (roughly). However, the bike is much more focused on utilising contemporary technology which provides enhanced safety and protection for the user, such as switchable ABS and traction control.

Triumph Street Scrambler

Moreover, the minimal bodywork and unique finishes on the Street Scrambler deliver a new look for the brand, whilst also partially reintroducing an old-school vibe. This is especially visible as the brand has incorporated aluminium into much of the design, such as the fuel tank, headlight mount and through the retro rear light.

If that’s not all, Triumph offer over 150 accessories which allow the rider to customise their bike to suit personal preference, which are all made available on the Triumph website.

Furthermore, Triumph have provided a USB charging section, torque assist control and one individual display clock which covers rpm, position of gears, fuel levels and traction control settings. Also, the motorcycle is water-cooled which means the engine is much softer and supposedly improves fuel economy by 35%. Excellent!