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Introducing the Honda Rebel

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 21 Nov 2016

Introducing the Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel

Surprisingly, Honda have been very discreet with the reveal of their newest bike; The Honda Rebel, which was exposed through a press release rather than at one of the Motorcycle events of the last two months. This could however, be due to the fact that the bike was built in North America.

Honda has focused their attention on the younger generation for this one, particularly concentrating on generation y who have been brought up in the digital age.

The new bike features a 500-cc twin parallel, liquid cooled engine which has been taken from the CBR500R. In addition, the motorcycle provides bottom end torque, 44.4 Nm at 6,000 RPM, to be exact, which makes the bike perfect for A2 licence holders.

Moreover, the bike is ideal for city riding due to its extraordinary power delivery. The makers of the Rebel have a long past of creating motorcycles for younger riders, so know exactly what to include to attract the right audience.

One of the most imperative factors for the motorcycle is style, which is why the bike features minimal paint work and remains black. Furthermore, the Rebel features a low 690 mm seat which provides ease of control for the rider, as well as enhancing comfort.

Also, because the motorcycle was built with the younger generation in mind, it was important that customisation would be an option for the user, so Honda have made the pillon pad and foot pegs removable as well as including numerous accessories available for purchase that can be tailor made.

The motorcycle is available in three different colours: graphite black, matte armoured silver metallic and millennium red. However, the price of the bike is yet to be announced and we are still awaiting a release date.