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​Indian Motorcycles Roadmaster Classic

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Posted on 22 Feb 2017

Indian Motorcycles Roadmaster Classic

Indian Motorcycles Roadmaster Classic

This is Indian Motorcycles brand-new Roadmaster Classic. We spotted these bikes at the London Motorcycle Show last weekend and we really couldn’t make up our minds on whether we liked it or not. I mean, parts of the bike look great, but we were really unsure about the leather fringed saddlebags.

One thing we can say is that the seating looks extremely comfortable and the vintage American touring style is guaranteed to turn heads, and at a price of £23,099, we sure would hope for that sort of response. Another thing we noticed at the bike show was the amazing sparkle and shine on the bike which we couldn’t take our eyes off, along with what we can only imagine is some carefully thought out detailed bodywork.

The new machine is packed with great features including Indian Motorcycles Ride Command which carries a large touchscreen display, that can be tailored to highlight personal information. In addition, the ride command offers an easy to use interface, two finger touch, navigation system, Bluetooth, handlebar integration and much more.

Moreover, the bike gains a heritage-inspired power plant which is designed from the ground up with a Thunder stroke 111 engine, which produces 119 ft-lbs of torque with extraordinary power at a low RPM. Additionally, just like almost all Indian Motorcycles, the Roadmaster gains an illuminated headdress at the front fender which adds a bit of personality, as well as gaining a keyless ignition system and a lightweight cast aluminium frame.

Indian Motorcycles Roadmaster Classic

Furthermore, you can feel confident and in control when braking with ABS braking, 32.7 gallons of waterproof storage space, passenger adjustable floorboards, cruise control, heated handlebars and much more.