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​Increasing demand for large capacity bikes in China?

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 07 Dec 2016

Increasing demand for large capacity bikes in China?

Benelli QJiang

As some of you may or may not be aware, China are well known for their small capacity 125-cc scooters. However, due to increasing demand, there are plans to introduce large capacity bikes into the Chinese market.

We can provide you with some images of how the bike is expected to look, which is being manufactured by Qianjiang under the QJiang brand. Now, the large capacity bike isn’t actually going to be available to the public. Well not immediately anyway. Once the bike is first produced, it will be marketed as a police bike, as you may have noticed the sirens at the rear. While the public will have the opportunity to purchase the same motorcycle at a later date.

It is possible that the demand for large capacity bikes has come from the success of Chinese firm CF Moto, and of course Benelli, in other parts of the world. The bike utilises a 1130-cc Benelli engine which has been totally reworked, as well as a BMW single sided swing arm and tubular steel frame.

It is likely that the bike will be branded under Benelli for international sales, as the brand is much better known, and we can expect a new range of Benelli’s perhaps for 2018 which will be based on the QJiang.