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How The Ignition Festival Of Motoring Lit Up Glasgow

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Posted on 10 Aug 2016

Back in March it was announced that the first ever Ignition Festival of Motoring would be held in Glasgow's very own Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC).

The three-day festival took over the entire SECC celebrating all things motor; featuring classic cars over 100 years old (yes they still work), luxury sports cars whose tyre set probably costs more than many a monthly salary, and an exhibition of Harley Davidsons which threatened to bring out the premature midlife crisis in yours truly.


Ignition Festival Of Motoring - SECC - Harley Davidson Motorbikes

It was an opportunity for your average Joe or Joanne to get up close and personal to a brace of cars and motorbikes that most people can only dream of owning. You might not have been able to test-drive any of these prestigious two or four wheeled gems, but Top Gear’s very own Stunt Team was happy to provide all the thrills! From drifting to spinning doughnuts in a black cab (disclaimer to taxi drivers: do not attempt to do this and bump up the fare!), the showground atmosphere was welcome.


Top Gear Stunt Team Drifting At The Ignition Festival Of Motoring

The audience was presented with the opportunity to see F1 cars competing against each other in a specially created track route, which took in views of this industrial city. Unfortunately a £300,000 McLaren smashed into a side barrier – but the only thing harmed was their no claims bonus.

# Special Race Track Created For The Ignition Festival Of Motoring At The SECC

Jimmy McRae paid tribute to his late son and Colin McRae by racing his 555 Subaru Impreza during the opening of the Ignition festival. The sounds coming from The Red Bull RB7 (driven by Scotland’s very own driving legend David Coulthard) shook the tarmac from North to South and was loud enough to give you wings. For £28 a ticket it was a one-way route to petrolhead paradise! That’s one car related charge you would be happy to pay.