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Honda X-ADV Finally Confirmed

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Posted on 28 Sep 2016

Ministry Of Bikes - Honda X-ADV Features - Upright riding position for comfort and high visibility 5-stage adjustable windscreen storage space for an off-road style helmet longer swingarm USD forks wired wheels

After teasing the global adventure bike community with multiple short videos, Honda have finally confirmed that there is a new model in production which is expected to be showcased at Milan's EICMA exhibition this year. Honda claim their new model is a ‘new breed of machine that combines adventure appeal with wide-ranging performance and practicality’. According to the press release, Honda stated:

The X-ADV continues Honda’s long tradition of finding ways to create products that enhance and enrich customers’ lifestyle. In keeping with its innovative concept the X-ADV will have our dual-clutch transmission – and a spirit of adventure – as standard.”

The ‘X-ADV’ is based on the City Adventure concept which was previously shown at EICMA back in autumn 2015. Aesthetically, the Honda X-ADV looks a bit like the Integra scooter with a hint of Africa Twin. The X-ADV has longer upside-down forks with true off-road ready tyres, and cross-spoke wheels. The City Adventure motorcycle was 745cc, with a 54 hp parallel twin engine which could possibly be the same, or a more powerful spec, for the X-ADV.

Honda’s official website has been shy to detail the exact specification of the new X-ADV, in anticipation of its full release at EICMA, the largest and most luxurious motorcycle show in Europe.