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Honda collaborates with Grab to enhance ride-sharing

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Posted on 14 Dec 2016

Honda collaborates with Grab to enhance ride-sharing

Honda Grab

Honda have teamed up with Grab, which is a ride hailing service based in South East Asia, as the organisation decided they wanted to incorporate motorcycles into their service. It is understood that Grab teamed up with Honda as they wanted to keep on top of their competitors, Go-Jek, who already offer this service.

The ride hailing service currently operates in 34 cities across six different countries including: Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and is a similar to Uber. However, by allowing motorcycles to be utilised as a form of transportation in their services, means that Grab will have an advantage over Uber as they do not presently deliver this option.

At the moment, Grab provide two services for the public. Firstly, Grab Bike is operated by professional riders who work either full/part-time, just like Uber, and the second service (Grab Hitch) are regular drivers who offer a price to pick up other travelers, normally at a reduced cost of course.

Due to the formation of their partnership with Grab, Honda have revealed that they will be focusing on delivering safer and more suitable products in order to reach the goal shared with Grab, to resolve issues facing South East Asia.

Not a bad idea!