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HJC's Marvel Helmets

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 09 Dec 2016

HJC’s Marvel Helmets

Now, some of these have been circling around for a while now, but if you’re a Marvel fan and you haven’t had a peek, here’s HJC’s new Marvel helmets. How exciting!

Iron man

Ironman Helmet

The Iron man helmet is priced at 279,90 Euros and has a lightweight advanced poly carbonate shell which has excellent fit and comfort for the user. The helmet features a one-touch integrated sun shield, advanced channeling ventilation system and a removable interior to allow cleaning and of course pin lock is included.


Punisher Helmet

The Punisher helmet is priced at 339,90 Euros and like the Iron man helmet features an integrated sun shield and is lightweight with superior fit. However, instead of the advanced poly carbonate shell, the Punisher utilises an advanced fiberglass composite shell. In addition, the helmet features a Silver cool interior, which means the lining is odor-free and carries anti-bacterial fibre. Moreover, pin lock is included as well as an anti-fog insert.


Spiderman Helmet

The Spider man helmet is a little bit more expensive at 599,90 Euros (Well it is Spider man). The helmet carries outstanding air flow ventilation due to its optimized shell design. Furthermore, you can expect an emergency kit (cheek pads) for safe and quick rescue in emergency situations, as well as an enhanced shield dual lock system. Similarly, the Spider man helmet includes an anti-fog insert and removable interior for washing purposes.


Venom Helmet

Again, the Venom helmet is priced a little higher at 599,90 Euros and comes with a RapidFire Shield Replacement System which means it can be removed without requiring tools, as well as also offering the emergency kit and anti-fog insert. Additionally, the Venom helmet offers wider eye port which offers enhanced peripheral vision for the riders who wear it. Sounds good to us!