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Hesketh’s monster motorcycle – The Valiant

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 27 Feb 2017

Hesketh’s monster motorcycle – The Valiant


British motorcycle firm Hesketh unveiled their new monster motorcycle called the Valiant at the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show last weekend. The bike carries a 2100-cc supercharged v-twin engine which produces 217 ftlbs of torque and 210 bhp. However, the brand has hopes that the bike will be able to produce 250 bhp when it comes around to testing.

The majority of the components added into the motorcycle have been developed and produced in the UK, as the brand wanted to keep everything as British as possible. The speedometer, frame, swing arm, and billet machined items are all from manufacturers in Britain.

We won’t see the bike out and about until summer 2018. However, we don’t know how many of them we will see considering the machine is priced at a staggering £50,000.