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Has Rossi Lost Hope In Winning 2016 MotoGP?

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Posted on 23 Aug 2016


Valentino Rossi (Image Source: thetimes)

Valentino Rossi's confidence has been knocked and is now doubting his racing skills at the MotoGP championship as Marc Marquez looks unstoppable in 2016 with the season end looming.

Marquez has came up top since Barcelona back in June but came third place during the Czech Grand Prix race due to using soft tyres.

Rossi feels like he does not have enough races to beat Marquez as he feels like he ‘has made too many mistakes...a little bit unlucky and too far behind’. He claims his young Spanish rival Marquez does race better in different conditions compared to him and may make better choices.

Jorge Lorenzo - (Image Source - 1meee)

(Jorge Lorenzo - Image Source: 1meee)

Spanish racer Jorge Lorenzo who is moving to Ducati for 2017 is ever the thorn in his team-mate's side. The smooth rider has had his ambitions thwarted for the championship title, but is still a deadly opponent.

Ministry Of Bikes - Valentino Rossi Quote - The fight with Lorenzo for second place is very open.  It is very important to gain these points and stay in front, but at the same time Lorenzo is very strong,  very fast.

However Rossi lost the winning spot by a measly 0.371 seconds to Lorenzo but as they were both on the same Yamaha team, he should feel like a winner.

Ministry Of Bikes - Valentino Rossi - "I have finished a lot of time in second place, and I'm very proud to stay - in the last seven, eight years - first or second [in the championship] and third in 2014. I don't think about the championship, just think about riding at my best and getting the best result I can and then after the race we see the standings and you see how we are. I really just think to win as much as possible."