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Harley-Davidsons Road King Special

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 09 Feb 2017

Harley-Davidsons Road King Special

Road King Special

Harley-Davidsons new Road King Special is an absolute beast! You definitely won’t be missed riding this.

The aggressive styling on the Road King Special might not take you by surprise, as I’m sure many of you expect this sort of thing from Harley-Davidson. However, we get a sort of army feel from this model, which takes the bike to a whole new level.

The Road King Special utilises an all-new blacked-out Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin engine, which has been designed to enhance power, acceleration and provide a much cleaner sound. Don’t really know if you expect a cleaner sound from this machine, but it sounds good to us. Harley have promised 10% more torque, as well as much faster acceleration, at 2-3 bike lengths faster to be precise.

Moreover, the bike gains an ABS braking system, along with brighter Dual Halogen fog lamps, head lamps, and brake lights. The lower, sculpted seating has been designed to take the pressure off your thighs and enhance comfort and support, making you feel more confident on the open road. In addition, the new model gains full length rider foot boards which allow extra room, as well as gaining a ‘saddlebag’ which opens with one quick touch, that provides plenty of storage space.

Road King Special

Furthermore, Harley-Davidson offer plenty of options for customisation of the Road King Special if you fancy making yours a little bit more unique. Find out more about customising your Harley here: Customise your Harley

Oh, we forgot to mention the price. Expect to fork out at least £19,995 for this one.