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​Harley-Davidson Sales Down 4.2% for Q1 2017

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Posted on 19 Apr 2017

Harley-Davidson Sales Down 4.2% for Q1 2017

Harley-Davidson Sales Down 4.2% for Q1 2017

Yesterday’s news was all positive for BMW as they revealed an increase in sales for Q1 of 2017. Unfortunately, things aren’t as bright for Harley-Davidson, who announced a 4.2% decline in sales worldwide for the first quarter of the year.

Now, although the firm have still managed to sell over 70,831 motorcycles worldwide throughout the first quarter of the year, (which is much greater than most manufacturers) this is still particularly poor for Harley-Davidson, who are used to greater sales figures, especially in the US where sales are down 5.7%.

Listed below are the firm’s sales figures in various markets for the first quarter of the year.

  • -Canada: 2,361 motorcycles sold (Down 4.4%)
  • -Latin America: 2,342 motorcycles sold (Up 24.2%)
  • -United States: 33,316 motorcycles sold (Down 5.7%)
  • -Asia-Pacific: 6,863 motorcycles sold (Down 9.3%)
  • -Europe/Middle East/Africa: 10,167 motorcycles sold (Down 0.4%)

Harley-Davidson has blamed the US motorcycle industry for its significant decline and have come up with a number of goals for the next five to ten years to help sales targets reach their best. Some of these goals include attracting younger riders to help make two million new Harley riders in America, launch 100 new motorcycles, and expanding the business without growing their environmental impact.