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​Harley-Davidson planning to buy Ducati?

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Posted on 22 Jun 2017

Harley-Davidson planning to buy Ducati?

Harley-Davidson planning to buy Ducati?

Not so long ago, we told you that various companies had shown interested in purchasing Ducati after it was announced that Volkswagen Group were looking to sell the motorcycle manufacturer on. Well rumour has it that Harley-Davidson are keen to take over the brand and are currently preparing to bid against other companies to get their hands on the firm.

Obviously, everything we write is just rumours at the moment. However, we thought it would be nice to keep you updated, whether the rumours are true or not. As previously mentioned, Ducati could be worth up to 1.5€ Billion, so no matter who manages to take over the brand will be forking out a pretty huge sum.

We think it could be quite exciting if Harley-Davidson were to take over Ducati, as this would bring two of the largest motorcycle manufacturers together, meaning we could be looking at the future release of some awesome creations. Although Harley-Davidson are known for their big cruisers and Ducati produce much smaller sports bikes, it would be interesting to see how the brands worked together and the changes that could potentially be made to the motorcycle industry.

Supposedly, Volkswagen Group and Evercore will not be finalising a deal until November, so a lot could change in that space of time. As always, stay tuned for more updates.