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Harley Davidson Hit With $12M Fine

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Posted on 22 Aug 2016

Screamin Eagle Super Turner Pro Device (Image Source: Supplied)

Screamin Eagle Super Tuner Pro Device (Image Source: Supplied)

We've all read this year about the emissions furore in the British and international press regarding emissions levels from household name car manufacturers. Now motorcycle giants Harley Davidson has been fined $12M by The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to their Screamin Eagle Super Tuner Pro device. the Screamin Eagle allows the owner of certain bikes to change engine parameters, which can in turn improve performance but increases certain emissions.

These devices have been sold across the pond since 2008 through Harley dealerships, but Harley have now been told to stop selling the Screamin Eagle Super Tuner Pro in the USA. They are undertaking the potentially mammoth task of purchasing back those on the road, and eradicating unsold devices at Harley Davidson dealerships. Customers have been warned if they continue to use these devices then their warranty for their motorcycle will be void. Approximately 340,000 devices were sold over the past eight years.

Ministry Of Bikes  - Cynthia Giles  -This settlement immediately stops the sale of illegal after-market defeat devices used on public roads that threaten the air we breathe

Harley Davidson refuses to take the blame and said in a statement that it disagrees with the government’s point of view, claiming that the devices were designed and were to be sold and used for 'competition only'. However, it is still legal to buy and use the Screamin Eagle Super Tuner Pro Device outside of the USA.

On top of the $12M fine, Harley Davidson are required to spend $3M on a government environmental plan for local communities to replace their traditional wood burning stoves with clean burning stoves.