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Guy Martin abandons World Record attempt

Article By Ministry of Bikes

Posted on 19 Dec 2016

Guy Martin abandons World Record attempt

Guy Martin

Guy Martin has abandoned his Guinness World Record attempt to be the fastest to ride a bike around the UK which was approximately 4,800 miles.

Unfortunately, Martin had no choice but to drop out due to an injury and commented that he was “papering over the cracks by carrying on”. Guy had until the early hours of Christmas morning to complete the cycle in record time.

It was surprising for most of us to find out Guy had pulled out of the world record attempt, just as I’m sure it was a shock to himself as Martin stated that he had cycled over 11,000 miles this year alone. So he has had plenty of practice. His cycling experience this year has included the Tour Divide in the USA, cycling around China back in October and commuting to and from work.

However, Martin did manage to complete over 800 miles in five days before having to cancel due to an injury to his Achilles tendon. We think that’s pretty good going. Hopefully, his break will help him recover in time for his next big cycle next year.

Statement from Guy Martin:

“I badly pulled my Achilles tendon on the left side after a day or so but thought I'd just get my head down and work through it.

I kept good miles up and got to John O'Groats from Grimsby in 4 days and 8 hours - about 800 miles.

But my leg was getting worse and I thought I could keep going and maybe do the whole lot in 30 days but I knew I'd be jiggered for a long time after and maybe even have serious long-term damage, which would mean I couldn't do the serious cycle trip I've got in my head for next year.

So I've put my push bike back in the shed for the rest of the year, giving my leg a chance to recover.

I'm back at work and I realise I need to listen to my body more. By just manning up I was papering over the cracks.

Thanks very much for the support, loads of folk wishing me well and that was mega.

It is what it is and like I said 'I've got to stop it before it stops me' and it did stop me”.