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Is this the greatest Jet Ski ever invented?

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Posted on 30 Sep 2016

Is this the greatest jet ski ever invented?

Kawasaki’s latest watercraft invention, the Jet Ski Ultra 310 LX 2016, has attracted immense interest from technology enthusiasts, as it became the most powerful jet ski watercraft EVER. On top of that, Kawasaki have made an advance on innovation, as the first in the industry to provide a Jet Sound Audio System, as well as industry leading storage and a three passenger seat with a heat resistant cover.

If that's not all, Kawasaki have introduced some of the greatest features possible, some of which again, are first in industry.


Most advanced watercraft

Deep V Hull, providing class leading stability in rough water
310 marine grade SUPERCHARGED engine
Digital fuel injection-fed (DFI) 1,498 cc incline, four cylinder engine
Five position adjustable handlebar
Eaton TVS designed to deliver large qualities of boost at all RPM's
TVS works in conjunction with inter cooler, supplying the engine with uninterrupted flow of cool, dense air for maximum performance