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​Government approve Zero Motorcycles plug-in grant

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Posted on 31 Jan 2017

Government approve Zero Motorcycles plug-in grant

Zero Motorcycles

The UK government have approved Zero Motorcycles plug-in grant, which means interest buyers could save around £1500, as the price of the motorcycle has been reduced. This is great news as it means the government are supporting the use of electric vehicles and are keen to make an effort to persuade more riders to choose an electric bike first. This grant has already been applied to all the new bikes for 2017 which are now making their way to dealerships as we speak.

Umberto Uccelli, the Managing Director of Zero Motorcycles has said that:

“We are thankful for the UK governments support of electric motorcycles and the future of our sport. The £1500 grant on all our models, combined with lowered prices, will help more riders experience the unique excitement of an electric motorcycle, while saving money on fuel and maintenance and reducing their environment impact”.

Zero Motorcycles

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