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France Rule Motorcycle Gloves Compulsory

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Posted on 28 Sep 2016

Motorcycles On Motorway in France  - Image Source: ukfrancebikers

On November 20th 2016, it will be made compulsory for "Any driver or passenger of a motorcycle, a motor tricycle, a motor quadricycle, or a moped" to wear appropriate gloves for protection while driving in France.

Anyone caught riding a two wheeler without gloves will be fined approximately €68 and one point will be deducted from their license. The government claim that they are implementing these changes for safety reasons as they want to "limit serious injuries to hands and forearms".

This has resulted in protest rides, public debate and heated forum arguments. Not everyone is happy with these changes as french motorcycle group Fédération Française Des Motards (FFMC) were very vocal about their opinion on the matter.

“It’s not that we are against the gloves, the problem is that we’re forced to wear them under the threat of fines and losing points. There’s no lives at stake here, and if we don’t wear gloves then we aren’t threatening other people’s integrity,”

The FFMC believe that the French government should simply encourage riders and pillions to wear gloves rather than creating a new law with repercussions. This ruling is sure to be closely watched across Britain and the EU, as personal freedom and safety legislation meet.