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​Fancy owning the Indian Scout FTR750

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Posted on 01 Mar 2017

Fancy owning the Indian Scout FTR750

Indian Scout FTR750

Just like us, I know many of you will have had your eye on the Indian Scout FTR750 for a while now, and had high hopes that the manufacturers would produce a production version. Well, you’re in luck…kind of.

Although the firm may not actually be producing a production version of the race bike, Indian are making the Scout FTR750 available to purchase, which is great, if you have a spare $50,000 to spend, and you want a race bike. Nevertheless, this is great news for flat track racers.

Product Director for Indian Motorcycles – Gary Gray has said that:

“Since its debut, feedback on the Scout FTR750 has been overwhelmingly positive, with unbelievable interest and demand for the bike. The bike’s availability to all race teams will help further establish Indian motorcycles presence in American flat track racing”.

Indian Scout FTR750

If you fancy getting your hands on the FTR750, all you need to do is visit your local dealer or visit Indian Scout FTR750